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Aren’t we tired enough of the gloomy and the melancholic lives we lead? Everything around us is either too sad, too depressing or too plain. But that’s not how we want to see things. We see optimism in everything and this optimism is… Continue Reading →

A Damp Smell of Art – Part II

Hey there! This is part two of my series about my travels through the Caves of Bhimbetka and around. I left you with an appetite last time. I am gonna finish the series here.  Here is one the prehistoric paintings… Continue Reading →

A Damp Smell of Art | Travel Diaries

  One of my recent trips to spot art around me landed me at the caves of Bhimbhetka, just 40 odd kms away from Bhopal where I was staying for a project. The caves of Bhimbhetka are one of the most… Continue Reading →